This is the era of the medieval crusades that shaped the world of 200 years of conflict between Europe and the East. A blacksmith named Balian has lost his family and nearly lost his faith as well. A religious war in a distant holy land seems far away to him, but he is drawn into this grand drama.
Amidst the spectacle and intrigue of medieval Jerusalem, he falls in love, becomes a leader, and eventually uses all his courage and skill to defend the city against overwhelming obstacles. Destiny sets out to find Balian in the form of Godfrey Ibelin, a great knight of the Crusades who briefly returns to France after fighting on the Eastern Front. Posing as Balian’s father, Godfrey shows him the true meaning of chivalry and embarks on a journey across the continent to the fabled Holy City.
At this point between the Second and Third Crusades, a fragile peace reigns in Jerusalem thanks to the efforts of the enlightened Christian King Baldwin IV, the help of his advisor Tiberias, and the military restraint of the legendary Muslim leader Saladin. But Baldwin’s time is short-lived, and bigotry, greed, and envy among the crusaders threaten to destroy the truce.
Genre: Action, Adventure, Military, History

Cast: Martin Hancock, Michael Sheen, Natalie Cox, Eric Ebuani.

Release Date: 2005

Duration: 144 minutes



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