DOWNLOAD MOVIE: Dragon Quest: The Soul Coffin (2023) [Chinese]

The film takes the ancient mythical character Shennong as the background of the story, takes the search for Shennong’s treasure box as the line, interprets the myths and legends with a scientific attitude, and tells the story of Jiang Chengzi, who is an ordinary person, suddenly one day becomes a major historical mission to save mankind In the face of the powerful evil villain Mu Fengchen and his alien tribe, Jiang Chengzi was limited by his own narrow vision and structure at the beginning, and gradually grew into a hero who sacrificed himself to protect the world. Facing the unknown future The hardships and dangers, with the help of everyone working together, went through untold hardships and bravely fought the villain to the end, and finally gathered the wisdom and strength of everyone to defeat the villain and lift the human crisis.

Dragon Quest: The Soul Coffin

Country: China

Filename: Dragon.Hunting.Soul.Suppressing.Coffin.2023.480p.Chinese.HDRip.HC.x265.mkv

Filesize: 178.54 MB

Duration: 01:31:48

Genre: Adventure, Thriller, Horror

Tags: Mystery, Suspense



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