MP3: Mirabel Chisom Moneke – Mirabel Ogene Praise


Renowned and talented Nigerian singer-songwriter Mirabel Chisom Moneke also recently wowed fans with a new album called ‘Mirabel Aujin Plays’.

Debuting in 2023, this stunning song quickly gained a large following at home and abroad, establishing Mirabel as a renowned performer in the music world. Her conviction that she will continue to make great music is unquestionably true.

With soul-awakening sounds and perfect instrumentation, ‘Mirabel Ogene Praise’ is a wonderful song that transports you to another planet. A top-notch studio setup is used, so there’s no downside when it comes to music production.

At the moment, according to sweethitz Media, the song Mirabel Chisom Moneke Mirabel Ogene Praise mp3; the new music is of the kind that makes you happy, not sad, and is a timeless and charming piece that deserves to be in your music library. Also a classic. Listen and download Mirabel Chisom Moneke Mirabel Ogene Praise MP3 below.


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